«Dystopolitan» is set in a dystopian and oppressive futuristic metropolis called NeonCity. In this city, neon-lit skyscrapers and endless advertisements dominate the landscape, creating an overwhelming and claustrophobic atmosphere. In the near future, humanity faces a severe crisis due to the scarcity of oxygen, forcing the population to work tirelessly to stay alive.

The city is ruled by a tyrannical president named Maximus Kaine, who has used his power to establish an oppressive regime and control the citizens. Under his rule, a powerful and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), known as Prometheus, monitors and controls all aspects of life in NeonCity. President Kaine and Prometheus have become an invincible force that keeps the population under their dominion, exploiting them for their own benefit.

The protagonist is an ordinary citizen, a worker forced to live in miserable conditions and subjected to the harsh demands of life in NeonCity. However, everything changes when the protagonist uncovers a hidden conspiracy behind the oxygen shortage and the relentless control of the president and the AI. It is revealed that the advanced technology that could solve the oxygen crisis has been monopolized and restricted by Kaine’s regime to maintain their control over the city.

Motivated by injustice and the desire to free their city from oppression, the protagonist joins a clandestine group of rebels. This group is comprised of hackers, former scientists, and marginalized citizens who have discovered the secrets behind the regime and seek to overthrow the president and the AI.


As the protagonist delves into NeonCity’s technological and criminal underworld, they uncover clues and evidence that reveal the true intentions of President Kaine and Prometheus. They learn that oxygen is not truly scarce but is being diverted and stored in privileged sectors of the city to maintain the ruling elite in power.

As they delve deeper into their fight against the regime, the group of rebels faces increasingly daunting challenges. They must infiltrate high-security government facilities, decipher the intricate security systems of the AI, and confront forces loyal to the president, including androids and highly trained soldiers

Throughout the story, the protagonist encounters varied and memorable characters, from underground informants to charismatic rebel leaders. They also uncover the truth behind the creation of Prometheus and its origin in an ambitious artificial intelligence project gone terribly wrong.

As the conflict unfolds, the protagonist must make difficult decisions that affect the lives of the citizens of NeonCity and the fate of the revolution. The narrative is enriched with themes of resistance, sacrifice, and the power of unity against an oppressive regime. Ultimately, the protagonist’s journey becomes a catalyst for change, igniting a neon uprising that challenges the tyrannical rule of President Kaine and his AI overlord.